购买17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016  , 价格 , 图片 17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016, 从北京千和展览有限公司. 展台 在 Allbiz 中国
    购买17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016  , 价格 , 图片 17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016, 从北京千和展览有限公司. 展台 在 Allbiz 中国
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    购买17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016  , 价格 , 图片 17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016, 从北京千和展览有限公司. 展台 在 Allbiz 中国
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    17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016

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    购买 17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016

    17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016
    November 25 – 27th , 2016 Beijing Exhibition Center

    Approved by:
    Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China

    Sponsored by:
    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
    China Health Industry Development Alliance
    Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Special Local Product
    Sponsors: Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in China
    Korean Central Committee of NACF
    Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co.,Ltd

    "Show Overview"
    After ten years of excellence in the development of precipitation,17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016(shorted as“CIFECHINA"), has become the Asia's largest and most influential industry event in food industry . The exhibition is approved by People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce , and held by many authoritative including Chinese Foreign Trade ,Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association, Beijing Qianhe Exhibition Co., Ltd, and the sponsoring organization, the exhibition is expected to display area of 25,000 square meters, about 800 outstanding Chinese and foreign exhibitors, attendees will reach 600 million. Exhibition brings Russia, Italy, Romania, the Association of American walnut, dried fruits Turkey Association, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Jilin Pavilion, Pavilion Yunnan, Shandong and other pavilions together. Related investment launches of exhibition will be organized by the Association led by the world chocolate candy festival, food tasting, Latte performances, competitions olive oil and many other colorful activities, bringing more benefits for exhibitors. CIFECHINA has now become a global imports platform trade show of snack foods and beverage.

    "Review on 2015 Expo"
    Exhibitors: 27 countries and regions; domestic: Taiwan, Hong Kong and other 32 provinces and regions;
    Exhibitors details: more than 560 exhibitors. The total exhibition area of nearly 20,000 square meters. Professional tour Buyers: more than 50,000 people.
    Regional analysis of global exhibitors : about 25% abroad; 75% of domestic (Russia, Italy, Romania, the United States Walnut Association, Turkey dried fruit association, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Jilin Pavilion, Yunnan Pavilion, Shandong. pavilions, etc.)
    Regional Analysis on Domestic Exhibitors: Beijing, Tianjin Hebei are about 15%; Jiangsu, Zhejiang are 20%; Heilongjiang Jilin and Liaoning are about15%; Fujian 8%; Guangdong 7%; Shandong 8%; Yunnan 6%; Anhui 6%; Sichuan 6%; 9% on others.
    More than 10 countries and regions buyers attended the expo.
    The last expo audience analysis: the number of visitors: more than 50,000 person / times.
    Industry audience analysis : 26% of the import and export trading company;23% of supermarket chains and stores ; 18% of retail food merchants; hotels, guesthouses, cafes,14% of restaurant ;11% of bars, clubs, entertainment ; 4% of government agencies, associations, embassies, institutions, ; others are about 4%;

    "Promotion Scheme"
    TV station: CCTV-2, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, CCTV-10, BTV.
    Cooperation newspapers and magazines: "Chinese food", "Chinese food quality", "Food Safety Guide", "People's Daily", "Economic Daily"
    Professional Partner: Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Sohu, People, Xinhua, a total of 80 Alibaba website supports the food industry exhibition (please consult the official web site of the General Assembly:;
    Meanwhile the organizing committee will be appointed in the bus, subway stations, bus schedule, a full range of promotion

    "Invited audience."
    1, super docking, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Hualian, Wumart, Lotte Mart, JKL, Tiankelong, Makro, Metro, CR, west off Long, MerryMart, Jingdong, e-commerce online shopping, there is strength reputation, sales network terminal importers, agents, distributors, traders, foreign embassies buyers, import and export traders, distributors, resellers, more than 130 foreign embassies Commerce Department, chains and business counters , gift shops, hotels, business clubs, bars, entertainment venues, restaurants, major clubs, resorts, retired cadres and other important units, such as the scene negotiations to buy
    2, the committee printed 500,000 tickets and invitations by mail, be distributed to invite the industry to visit and purchase. For professionals in the Yangtze River Delta region will make an appointment by telephone, on-site visits, etc. focus on the invitation.
    3, the contractors by the accumulation of 10 years, has a huge database of professional audiences, communicating by telephone, SMS alert, etc. invited to visit.

    "Prize waiting for you."
    To enhance the company's brand awareness and reputation, demonstrate superior product quality and service, CIFE China awards event will be held in the Assembly Awards "Gold"; "recommended new product" award; "high-quality products, the best" award; (PARTICIPATING related condition, please ask the staff of the General Assembly)

    "Become a co-organizer"
    Title, and co-sponsored to participate in this event, will be 10 services or promotional items, to the organizing committee to obtain relevant programs and regulations in return!

    Snack and Leisure Foods: jelly, puffed food, instant food, preserves, honey, preserved fruits, leisure fish (meat) products, biscuits, pastries and baked goods; Dried fruits and nuts: flesh preserved fruit, melon seeds, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, chestnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, chewing gum, candy, lollipops, candy, medicinal candy, milk chocolate, dark chocolate ,white chocolate, organic chocolate; the world famous specialty, famous food; Dairy products, dairy and egg products; canned meat products and aquatic products; quick-frozen, frozen food and ice cream products; Infant food, etc
    Organic & Green Food :fruits, vegetables, grains and agricultural products; organic food ,green food,agriculture food, cooking oil, olive oil and oil products spices food ingredients; Skincare products、Supplements , Natural Personal Care 、Health Care 、Eco-Living 、Herbs &Traditional Chinese Medicine Baby Products 、Pet Products 、Ingredients 、natural fibers,Organic textile 、Organic toy etc
    Nutrition and Health food: Nutrition and health food, Healthcare produc, Healthcare drinks ,Hairdressing& body beautification product, Natural medicine, Medicine ingredient, health care products packaging, medicine health, health services, health counseling and conditioning services, Healthy sleep products and air purification products, health examination, consultation and other health services. etc
    Wine and Beverages: red wine, white wine, rose wine, ice wine, champagne, sparkling wine, porter, sherry, natural, vermouth, beer, liqueur, yellow wine, ice wine, wine with milk, wine ,rice wine, fruit cordial, health wine. alcohol beverages .etc
    Halal Food: Halal food , halal meat , halal beverages. Halal catering food materials etc
    Food Related Machinery: processing and packaging equipment, refrigeration technology, metal detectors, bio-fermentation technology, packaging machinery, marking equipment, packaging materials and other packaging and processing equipment; etc

    1. Exhibitors should have the production and management within the validity period of the "business license" and legal approval documents.
    2. After selecting the booth exhibitors, please fill out the "Application and Contract Form", the official seal fax or mail to the Organizing Committee Secretariat, after receiving the "Exhibitor Application and Contract Form" for exhibitors manufacturers issued a "booth confirmation."
    3. Exhibitors receive a "booth confirmation" three days, the exhibition fees sinks into the designated bank account of the Organizing Committee, who expired without payment, the organizing committee has the right to change or cancel their scheduled exhibition booth qualifications.
    4. The committee insisted first come, first payment, the first principle confirmed.
    5. According to the organizing committee and the overall effect of fire safety needs of the venue, the right to adjust the part has confirmed the booth


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    17th China(Beijing)International leisure Food and Imported Food Expo ,2016
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